Welcome to OnurUca.com. This website is done to show all the individual work created by Onur Uça.

Onur Uça is the designer, developer and the producer of "OCEAN CITY RACING" , an open world driving game powered by Unreal Engine 3.

Onur Uça also creates and designs websites and uses Photoshop to edit and design images, logos, banners.

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The industry leading video game engine , Unreal Development Kit is used to develop Ocean City Racing , an open world driving game powered by Unreal Engine 3


Launched back in December 2010 ,UnchartedCentral.com become a huge success and gained more than 40.000 visitors in a short time period.


The first website created by Onur Uca on the first quarter of 2010 , www.Kane-Lynch.com had a design in sync with the games unique concept.


Hitman-Central.com is dedicated to all things concerned with Agent 47. Everything related to the Hitman universe will be on display here. The project is cancelled.